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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does the Solar-Roof-Check Rigorous Load Analysis (RLA) apply to commercial work?
    Yes, if the Roof framing is wood construction; otherwise, by Special Request we can handle Commercial jobs.

  2. Is it really beneficial to complete the Rigorous Load Analysis for each job?
    We think it is a good idea. You can filter out high risk jobs. You will also have a job file at hand for every job, on our server.

  3. Can anyone access the Solar-Roof-Check program or is it only for big companies?
    Yes. Anyone who registers has access to the software, using an iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac. You don not have to be an engineer to use our program.

  4. What is the turn-around time for structural calculations with a stamp and signature?
    Every effort is made to complete your request within 24 hours after receiving your plans.

  5. Will Building Departments accept the RLA Report for submitting for a permit?
    Most Building Departments will accept the Roof Assessment Report.

  6. Which states in the United States is the Solar- Roof-Check Rigorous Load Analysis accepted?
    The RLA is accepted in all States, as it is code compliant with IBC and ASCE codes.

  7. Do I have to be an engineer to input the information into the Solar-Roof-Check program?
    No. In fact, most of the input choices have a pop-up box with further explanation

  8. What can I do if my roof fails the RLA Compliance check even after several attempts?
    You can click the highlighted Loading Combination for suggestions and if compliance is still not achieved, contact us at service@solar-roof-check.com or (805)-215-8665.

  9. How much does the RLA Report cost and what is included?
    For Pricing, click “How It Works” and then click “Pricing”.
    For what is included, click “Professional Results”.

  10. Why should I or my company use Solar-Roof-Check Rigorous Load Analysis?
    The RLA shows proof of due diligence. This is part of your company's Risk Management program. The RLA also gives your employees a consistent method of insuring structural adequacy of the roof.

  11. Will the RLA work on my smartphone and tablet?
    Yes. The RLA can be used on any smart phone, tablet or computer. Just access www.Solar-Roof-Check.com on the internet and login.

  12. On which Codes is the Solar-Roof-Check Rigorous Load Analysis based?
    The mathematical formulas used for the RLA are based on the latest editions of the International Building Code (IBC), American Society of Civil Engineers-Minimum Design Loads (ASCE) and the National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS).