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Eyeball roof assessments = Lawsuits in the makingSetting Consistent Procedures

The number of Solar Panel installations throughout the USA is increasing every year. However, the process of obtaining building permits varies from one jurisdiction to another, and can be a maze of municipal red tape. Some jurisdictions require a Professional Engineer’s review and seal. However, what happens to the 70 to 80 percent that do not have any P.E. oversight?  Are those roofs adequate?

Even though the Building Department may not require an engineer’s stamp, this does not relieve the Solar Installer of the responsibility of due diligence.

The intent of this reporting methodology is to reduce roof assessment liabilities, by standardizing the roof structural assessment process.  The input is easy, economical, quick, and an accurate way to measure the code compliance or non-compliance of roofs. Having a Structural Roof Assessment Report for every project will insure that proper due diligence has been completed as a necessary part of risk management.

For companies that have multiple offices across the nation, setting consistent procedures for checking structural adequacy of roofs is a must. Multiple personnel can now self-check the appropriateness of roof structures by using the procedures of this web site.