James A. Adams, S.E.

James A. Adams, Structural EngineerThis RLA (Rigorous Load Analysis) platform was created by James A. Adams, Structural Engineer, after years performing structural engineering calculations for hundreds of Solar Panel installations.

Mr. Adams, is a Registered Structural Engineer, in California as well as other States across the USA. He has completed Structural Engineering services on High Rises, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, and House Subdivisions, and hundreds of Solar installations. He has acted as an Expert Witness in lawsuits and mediation proceedings.

Mr. Adams has conducted research and development, including testing of new products. He currently hold two patents, and has taught engineering classes at L.A. City College, and evening classes at UC Fullerton


  • University of California at Berkeley- Civil/Structural Engineering-BSCE
  • University of Southern California- Graduate Courses Structural Engineering

With over 30 years of experience in Structural Engineering, Mr. Adams has been the Engineer of Record for many large and small projects including thousands of subdivision houses, tilt-up concrete warehouses, steel trusses, 400’ tall high-rises office and condominiums, and shopping centers.

Professional Registration:


License #

Arizona Ind. 50495
Arizona Firm 16171-0
California C-16620, S-1672
Colorado PE14793
Connecticut PEN.0031240
District of Columbia PE906868
EITĀ  (CA) #14117
Florida 82051
Georgia PE043460
Hawaii 2512-S
Idaho 17516
Illinois 081.008.460
Indiana PE11800259
Kentucky 33660
Louisiana 42581
Maryland 41611
Massachusetts 49748-PSE
Michigan 6201064469
Minnesota 56272
Nevada 023154
New Hampshire 1446
New Jersey PE24GE04947900
New Mexico PE23915
New York 091262-1
Ohio E-83479
Oklahoma 30434
Oregon 82876PE
Pennsylvania PE08457
South Carolina PE33047
Texas 130159
Utah PE5986687-2202
Vermont 102524
Virginia 0402053902
Washington 56096
West Virginia 22956
Wisconsin E-46309


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